Rock Springs Run Trail Rides – Sorrento Florida

Rock Springs Run Trail Rides – Sorrento, Florida


Rock Springs Run State Reserve is approximately 14,000 acres of a variety of plant communities typically found throughout central Florida’s landscape. The reserve is located approximately 30 miles north of Orlando and easily located off of I-4 at exit 51; then follow SR 46 west for almost 10 miles. The property was purchased in March 1983 for habitat preservation, for watershed protection and to provide recreational opportunities in the central Florida area. Additional purchases in 1991 and 1995 have formed a vast wilderness in Orange and Lake Counties.

Native American Indians also valued the abundance of wildlife. Many mounds are known to exist along the Wekiva River and Rock Springs Run. These Native Americans lived before the arrival of the Spanish in 1513, but within 200 years after they were eliminated from their native land. The mounds or “kitchen middens” are the only visible remains of their former presence on the reserve and are protected for future archaeological investigations. Florida statutes prohibit the destruction or removal of artifacts from these sites.


The plant communities at Rock Springs Run State Reserve include sand pine scrub, pine flatwoods, bayheads, hammocks and swamps. A unique natural feature of this reserve is the spring run/river system which surrounds most of the ’reserve perimeter. This system is formed from the discharge of several artesian springs together with the tanic runoff from the surrounding watershed, creating one of the most scenic canoe trails in central Florida.

The wetlands and uplands provide habitat for a variety of rare and endangered species native to Florida. The Florida black bear, Florida scrub-jay, wood stork, Florida sandhill crane, indigo snake and a variety of more common species are often seen throughout the reserve.

The reserve is open to a variety of recreation activities including hiking, primitive horseback camping, nature study, picnicking, horseback riding, biking and limited hunting. Vehicle access into the reserve is limited.



Rock Springs Run State Reserve offers a 9-mile loop trail which takes the rider through a variety of plant communities.

The trail begins in the desert-like sandpine scrub community, home to many species of lizards and snakes, the beautiful Florida scrub jay and the gopher tortoise. The scrub serves as a favorite feeding place for the Florida black bear each fall, when the oaks are full of acorns. The trail continues through many acres of pine flatwoods and on to the hardwood swamp that borders Rock Springs Run. Riders may view the beautiful tannic-colored water of Rock Springs Run by tying their horses to the hitching post and walking to the west bank. Keep an eye out for the red-shouldered hawks that live in the floodplain forest. Florida black bear use the reserve year round. However, bears are shy and you will see their footprints more frequently than the bears themselves. Remember that all plants and animals are protected and collecting is prohibited.

Rock Springs Run Trail Rides
31700 County Road 433
Sorrento, FL 32776

Located on Highway 46 between Sorrento and Sanford, just west of the Wekiwa River. Entrance is close to intersection of Highway 46 and 46A.

From Orlando, drive East on I-4 to Sanford SR 46 Exit. Turn East (left) onto SR 46.

Travel 7.4 miles to CR433 (Rock Springs Run Reserve) and turn left into the park. Follow the signs to riding area.

From Mount Dora, turn East onto SR 46. Travel 10.7 miles to CR 433 (Rock Springs Run Reserve). Turn right into the park and follow the signs to the riding area.


  • Age restrictions: 6 years old or older
  • Helmets: 17 years old or younger MUST wear a helmet. 18 years or older will be your choice. We supply the helmets.
  • Riding Experience: Is not necessary, all is welcome
  • Weight restrictions: 270 lbs
  • Health: Good health, free of neck and back injuries, cannot be pregnant. No Oxygen Tanks
  • Attire: Long pants preferred but not necessary and closed-toe shoes are a must.
  • No Sandal’s or Flip-flops
  • No Riding doubles
  • We welcome single riders and group riders.
  • We furnish water and bottle holders on the saddles.
  • We use Australian Trail Saddles and Western Saddles
  • Everyone must use a loading block no matter the experience level.