Brought to you by Cactus Jacks Trail Rides in Ocala, Florida and Rock Springs Run Trail Rides in Sorrento, Florida. We offer guided horseback trail riding for individuals, families, and large groups! 365 days a year, 7 days a week even holidays from two different locations in Central Florida.

  • Age restrictions: 6 years old or older
  • Helmets: 17 years old or younger MUST wear a helmet. 18 years or older will be your choice. We supply the helmets.
  • Riding Experience: Is not necessary, all is welcome
  • Weight restrictions: Ocala = 340 lbs , Sorrento = 260 lbs
  • Health: Good health, free of neck and back injuries, cannot be pregnant. No Oxygen Tanks
  • Attire: Long pants preferred but not necessary and closed-toe shoes are a must.
  • No Sandal’s or Flip-flops
  • No Riding doubles
  • We welcome single riders and group riders.
  • Use Australian Trail Saddles and Western Saddles
  • Everyone must use a loading block no matter the experience level.
  • We can accommodate large birthday party’s, reunions and events. We are located in Florida state parks with picnic tables, restrooms and plenty of parking at both locations.

The State of Florida designated horseback riding provider for The Cross Florida Green Way “70,000 + Acres” at the Landbridge Trail Head Ocala, Florida and Rock Springs Run State Reserve “14,000 Acres” Sorrento, Florida.

Our horses are assigned to guests based on the riders weight, experience level, and handicaps if any. We have horses to suit every rider from beginner to experienced. Our horses are gentle, people friendly and enjoy their jobs.

We have 48 horses, that we rotate out on a regular basis to give them some time off. Horses, just like people, need time off from their jobs.  Also good saddles are just as important as good horses. Many times, a ride is ruined by an uncomfortable saddle. We use mostly Australian and Western saddles that provide comfort and support.

horseback trail riding locations map

Cactus Jacks Horseback trail rides
Ocala, Florida
Cross Florida Greenway

A Central Park feel with lots of beautiful tree hammocks.
340 Max lbs

  • 1 Hour Rides
  • 90 Min Rides
  • 2 Hour Rides
  • 12 max amount of riders

Camping Available

Rock Springs Run Horseback trail rides
Sorrento, Florida
Rock Springs Run State Reserve

Riding the tree lines with open ranges with LOTS of wildlife.
260 Max lbs

  • 1 Hour Rides
  • 6 max amount of riders


Camping Available

Most our horses are rescues, some was bought from auction, some was donated to us. We love all horses and do whatever we can for the happiness, good health and safety of them.  If you know of a horse that needs our help please contact us immediately by email.

52 Total Horses
  • 14 Quarter Horses
  • 7 Thoroughbreds
  • 6 Argentina Polo Horses
  • 2 Rocky Mountain Horses
  • 3 Tennessee Walkers
  • 1 Missouri Fox Trotter
  • 2 Spotted Saddle-bred
  • 7 Paint Horses
  • 3 Arabians
  • 1 Percheron
  • 1 Percheron Cross
  • 3 Belgian’s
  • 1 Belgian Cross
  • 1 Appaloosa